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HELPFUL Considerations Building Equity in your Home, Formulating your Working Landscaping Budget

How much will it cost ?  Investment or Cost? Capital Gain or devalue your property?

Consider the amount of investment that you are comfortable with in the improvement of your home.  Capital expenditures are funds used for the improvement of your long term assets.  Consider that the improvements of your home will increase the value of your home when completed correctly by an experienced skilled team.  You build equity in your home with landscaping projects designed & built correctly. Curb appeal & landscaping your outdoor living space has great potential in increasing your home value.  Every project  designed & built by TOUGH OAKS LANDSCAPING is an investment, a capital expenditures that will help to build up your home equity

  • increase your curb appeal,
  • increase the value of your home,
  • expand the area of your functional outdoor living space &
  • increase the functionality of your outdoor living space for years to come
  • bring you & your family, friends & pets years of enjoyment

With Tough Oaks Landscaping you are investing in quality & peace of mind that you have hired the right  landscaping company to get the project done correctly the first time & completed safely & efficiently.  

We take detailed measurements, photos,  & drawings to ensure the accuracy of our quotes & research the project considering the scope of the project to provide realistic deadlines. 

We base our landscaping quotes on transparency, honesty, experience & skill, placing customer satisfaction  paramount.

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Meeting your Landscaping HOME EQUITY GOALS

We aim to please our clients!  At Tough Oaks  Landscaping Company in Barrie we provide our  CONSULTATIONS & QUOTES FREE 

  • Formulating landscaping quotes can require hours to days of research & design.  
  • Quotes are based intrinsically on the design of the landscape. 
  • Experience has proven to us that it is best to know your working budget upfront, ( just as in " LOVE IT OR LIST IT" in order for our design team to provide you with the design that will best meet your goals & respect time.  
  • Your information always remains confidential with Tough Oaks  Landscaping Company .
  • Trust us. Highly skilled, award winning,  & brilliantly artistic, working inside your budget,  trust Ralph John Young to formulate an honest &  realistic landscape plan focused on your priorities, while offering you the quality of stone selection that both matches your style & budget. 

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HOMEOWNER TOOL: Working Landscaping BUDGET: basic guides - General Estimate for your Investment

A.    2,000   -  15,000+ 

  •  small steps (3 or  less) or 
  •  small walkway, or
  •  small driveway,  or
  •  small patio  

B.    15,000 -  50,000+ 

  •  front yard or backyard renovation, or 
  •  medium to large driveway, or
  •  large patio deck or entertainment pad

C.   50,000  -  200,000+ 

  • significant square footage , 
  • large driveway, or
  • large patio or 
  • entertainment pad, outdoor kitchen 

What's Next in the Procedure

Homeowner Landscaping Investment - ESTIMATION GUIDE Tough Oaks Landscaping

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