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HELPFUL Considerations Building Equity in your Home, Formulating your Working Landscaping Budget & what are the implications of cutting cost.

How much will it cost ?  Investment or Cost? Capital Gain or devalue your property? How much harm could it be to pick the wrong contractor, after all it's only landscaping, isn't it?

You will build equity in your home with landscaping projects designed & built correctly. Curb appeal & landscaping your outdoor living space has great potential in  Every project  designed & built by TOUGH OAKS LANDSCAPING is an investment, a capital expenditures that will help to build up your home equity

  • increase your curb appeal,
  • increase the value of your home,
  • expand the area of your functional outdoor living space  will add value to your home &
  • increase the functionality of your outdoor living space for years to come
  • bring you & your family, friends & pets years of enjoyment
  • Stone decks last a life time, whereas wood needs repeated maintenance & frequent replacement.
  • help you to stay independent in your home and improve your senior health in the years to come

Hardscape residential landscaping can be the one custom difference in your home, that sets it apart from all others. It can be the deciding factor in the sale  & resale value of your home over the comps. Your land & what you do with it is even more unique & valuable than a kitchen renovation.

Consider the value of your home, & the importance of your personal home improvement goals for your outdoor spaces.  Consider the amount of investment that you are comfortable with in the improvement of your home, and compare it to realistic hardscape landscaping guides for your local area.  Capital expenditures are funds used for the improvement of your long term assets. Consider that the improvements of your home will increase the value of your home, your safety & enjoyment when completed correctly by an experienced skilled team. 

Can't I just hire anyone to complete my stone landscaping projects, are they basically all the same?  Isn't it just the quality of the interlock that I pick that will give me durability?  What is hot today, may be gone by tomorrow, this is a field of high competition, contractors often may get into the industry with all the right intentions, and then shortly realize that it is much more difficult then they thought it would be for a multitude of reasons.  When they exit, so goes your warranty.  Make sure your contractor has been in business for some time for your warranty to be worth while..

You get what you pay for is sometimes true, but what if your are charged just as much for entry level or unscrupulous work as skilled craftsmen quote?  How can you tell what you should be judging or basing your hardscape landscaping decision on?  Who do I decide to go with when I don't just have a landscaper or landscape contractor, or landscaping company that is your go to for generations of accountability in your family?  In this fast paced world, most of us don't have a trusted landscaper with that kind of specialized skill on que for us when we decide it's time to refresh the nest.  These highly skilled landscapers are in high demand as they are few & far between.  

Masonry-style hardscape landscaping, is more of an artistic construction field, & requires a heightened level of skill over a construction company, or a softscape lawn & garden maintenance company. Simply said, they all use a different set of tools, & work on different platforms.  Talented hardscape landscaping companies have a landscape designer with an artistic ability of visualization of the completed project with your current home's challenges, & homeowners style in mind,  vast span of knowledge & skill in the physical ability to maneuver tools, & heavy equipment, & the experience working with limitless products to know which is application specific to the needs of your exact landscape challenges, precision in measurement, & calculating quotes as well as their reviews, & business dealings are important aspects of the best landscaping contractors in the Barrie, & Simcoe County. 

Marketing schemes, & smooth talkers, with nice trucks can fool you & possibly themselves, until it's too late and you have been bitten by a costly mistake.  Do you have recourse in the court room if you feel that you have been slighted in your contractual dealings, hardly.  In Canada, the laws regarding contractors & homeowners, leave much room for improvement, & unless you feel the need to donate your time or money to a lawyer or lawsuit, you want to avoid this unproductive means of enforcing accountability or recovering your losses. Best advice, is choose wisely, based on their honesty & track record of accountability.

What if you simply can't afford the cost to doing it right?  Then change what you are asking for,  incorporate a talented  landscape designer, landscape contractor, or landscaping company to be creative with colour or shapes, rather than cut the costs in the excavation & ground preparation compaction, weather proofing, & grading of complicated slope requirements.  If that still is a limiting factor, then wait till you save up for it, like any good investment.  In the mean time you would be best served to the due diligence of researching your intended set of hardscape contractors, a definitive, colaborative, compillation of sited  authorites on hardscape landscaping & home improvements are provided in the GUIDE HOW TO HIRE A LANDSCAPE PROFESSIONAL

These dilemmas  often lead to spontaneously hiring of the wrong landscape company, or landscape contractor for the wrong reasons such as price, or skill level can be a costly mistake for a homeowner.  Particularly in masonry style hardscape landscaping, skill of the landscaper, integrity, &  quality control are intrinsic to adding value to your home. If you don't have home stone, hardscape landscaping improvement projects completed correctly, such as is often seen in dealing with a fast real estate flip, on a low cost budget, you should choose another form or material other than the beautiful sought after landscape stonework that separates heirloom quality homes from a high turnover uncared for rental development. 

It looks good on the surface, so why would it devalue your home?  

Within a short time 1-2 years, of freeze/thaw cycles, wet/dry weather patterns, and extremes in temperature, water will infiltrate and work away at your investment. adding costs to you or new owners in the future.  

When contractors cut corners on excavation & compaction, or use the wrong materials for the application, or slope the landscape structure in the wrong direction, or don't place the interlock tightly, water infiltration as the weather patterns occur over time destroy the interlock product.  You have to start all over again, and on top of buying new stone & material, now you have to physically demolish the old structure and remove it, transporting it to the appropriate landfill site, which in the city of Barrie, and surrounding areas of Simcoe County charge you a fee you must pay for disposal of the old material by weight/load size.

The worst case scenarios,  that we have seen happen to residential homeowners by other contractors, of not hiring the right residential landscape professional is that the project is not completed, while the contractor has a large portion of the payment, or the infrastructure collapses & the product that you have spent good money on has to be demolished & brought to a landfill, possibly costing you even added expenses from tripping hazards, or a flooded home.

It's a MAKE IT or BREAK IT sort of deal. 

Hiring the right landscaping contractor is very important. You can certainly devalue your home and put your self at risk of danger or law suits with incorrectly built landscaping where people may trip, stone may collapse, or your project will have to rebuilt at a huge expense.

In reality, not hiring the right landscaper could cost you, and has cost others, more than what it would have cost you to do it right in the beginning,

Our best recommendations are to consider the signs of what to look for in the honest, accountable, skilled & experienced hardscape landscaping contractor.

Remember, you could build heirloom quality estates that can last just as European roads, the test of time, bringing endless, priceless enjoyment to your standard of life, and improve your resale value in the mean time or it could end up the other way.  The potential is there in masonry style hardscape landscaping for greatness.

It's your choice how you roll the dice. 

With Tough Oaks Landscaping you are investing in quality & peace of mind that you have hired the right landscaping company to get the project done correctly the first time & completed safely & efficiently.

We take on the responsibility of completing the project correctly, & we will only complete projects to this level of standard.  

We have a proven track record, at Tough Oaks Landscaping & take all the detailed measurements, photos,  & drawings to ensure the accuracy of our quotes & research the project considering the scope of the project to provide realistic deadlines. 

As an accountable local family business we base our landscaping quotes on transparency, honesty, experience & skill, placing customer satisfaction paramount. 

Premium quality at a realistic cost.


Meeting your Landscaping HOME EQUITY GOALS

We aim to please our clients!  At Tough Oaks  Landscaping Company in Barrie we provide our  CONSULTATIONS & QUOTES FREE 

  • Quotes are based intrinsically on the design of the landscape. 
  • Experience has proven to us that it is best to know your working budget upfront, ( just as in " LOVE IT OR LIST IT" in order for our design team to provide you with the design that will best meet your goals & respect time.  
  • We will tell you want the project will cost, & we will make recommendations with the knowledge of your intended budget.  It is always cost efficient for you to tell us what range you are serious about from the beginning. The sky is the limit in material quality & pricing, & that is often the variable to modify to accomplish the goals of your project without compromising structural integrity of the stone project. 
  • making the alliance work, you are the boss, we take on the responsibility. Trust us. Highly skilled, award winning,  & brilliantly artistic, working inside your budget,  to accomplish your landscaping goals.

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