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Why hire an experienced Barrie Landscaping Company with a 5 STAR REVIEW RATED, AWARD WINNING, LICENSED & INSURED Interlocking Stonework Landscaping Contractor to plan your Barrie & Simcoe County Landscaping?

  • Piece of mind, our clients hire Barrie landscaping company Tough Oaks Landscaping to rest assured they are dealing with a reputable, trusted professional, artistically talented in design, with expert skill & knowledge, experienced & specializing in hardscape landscaping,  capable of solutions to everything encountered in the landscape construction process.

  • Our passion for the future defines us. All our work is timeless and constructed to last.

  • Design skill, at TOL Barrie & Simcoe County clients hire us to design & construct exquisite, top quality, new interlock driveway installation, walkways, patios, decks, exterior stone steps, staircases, outdoor living spaces, egress stone window wells, fire pits, BBQ insets & more

  • Construction skill, Far beyond beauty, & the legitimate experience of landscaping aesthetics the craftsmanship that Tough Oaks Landscaping Company Barrie delivers speaks of true structural integrity, practical function, durability, performance, cost efficiency & green eco-friendly practices.

  • Build home equity, renewing our communities, we tear out & renovate old impractical, dangerous unsafe interlock & stone block projects which are outdated or have become a liability. We support home independence through exterior home safety, & transform curb appeal, increasing your home equity investment & neighbourhood real estate value.

  • At TOL we offer expert landscaping solutions.  We listen to you & discuss your options while respecting your time, & landscaping budget.   

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What sets us apart in Barrie Landscaping

Tough Oaks Expert Interlock Installation:  

  • 30 years experience perfecting our trade secret proprietary ground preparation ensures extended longevity of your hardscape investment

  • our 3 year warranty surpasses all trade warranties in the Barrie landscaping industry ensuring championship in solid workmanship

  • proven record of successful completion of hundreds of specialized complicated stonework landscaping projects 

  • Functional, meaningful landscape designs, with intention set at key interest  points, expressed in your own style 


  • Quality control is exceptional at Tough Oaks Landscaping, with the designer, top Barrie landscaper Ralph J. Young  Barrie landscaping contractor physically creating all parts of the landscape design & projects, 100% hands on accountability.

  • Backed by a consistent, reliable , horticulturally experienced, trustworthy, bondable, pet friendly, supportive team. 

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How to HIRE with EFFICIENCY when HIRING THE landscape company, landscaper, landscaping contractor in Barrie, Simcoe County, Thornton, Oro-Medonte, Minesing, Midhurst, Kempenfelt Bay. Protect your interests as a homeowner when hiring in the Landscaping Industry. Definitive LANDSCAPE HIRING GUIDE on How to hire the right Barrie landscape contractor for your project, Critical Criteria to consider for your landscape hiring decision

If you are new to the concept of hiring a landscaping company in Barrie, hiring a Barrie landscaper, or hiring a landscape contractor in Barrie,   a researched compilation of top home improvement experts & our nearly 30 years experience of being a trusted professional landscape company in superior customer service can help make this process efficient for you.

You are not alone, masonry-style, hardscape, landscaping is a significant well spent investment in your home with potential for great return when completed correctly. It may be done only once in the history of your home ownership, as quality workmanship can last 30 years to a lifetime. However when not completed correctly it can be a costly & dangerous undertaking. Including advice from us at Tough Oaks Landscaping, & Mike Holmes here are key factors on what to look for:

It's your investment & you should feel confident in asking these important questions in the definitive landscape hiring guide for matters of importance in Barrie, Kempenfelt Bay, Thornton, Minesing, Spring Water, Phelpston,  Sugar Bush, Midhurst, Oro-Medonte, Innisfil & Simcoe County areas


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Quick & easy set up of your FREE DESIGN CONSULTATION

  • Feel free to our no obligation free landscape design consultation for residential homeowners.
  • Contact us at any stage, at any time, whether you have thought about your yard for a long time or you are new to considering the landscaping options, the team at TOUGH OAKS is interested in hearing your ideas. 
  • To start, tell us about your landscape plans on our CONTACT FORM  or email us directly.   We protect your interests at every step along the process, learn how our privacy policy.  

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  • At TOUGH OAKS Landscaping, our team is delighted to set up your FREE DESIGN CONSULTATION appointment at your home & at your convenience. Once we receive your info, we may contact you to confirm & elaborate on key points.
  • At the consultation appointment we will listen directly to you, for your landscaping needs, & desired landscape features, together, alongside you we will complete a walk through of the current landscape, take exact measurements & photos, & provide our best recommendations on our free quote.

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  • Our precise landscaping quotes are custom, just for you & comprehensive. From our conversations, measurements, photos & research the designer will construct a free estimate, including scope of work, based on real,  accessible materials, best recommended for the applications of your desired project & land challenges.

  • We are happy to provide our 30 years experience in calculating landscaping quotes as a guide to the homeowner on the realistic landscaping costs, & potential of your home landscape.

  • As design consultations, & landscaping quotes can take hours to days of focused effort,  & our team at TOUGH OAKS Landscaping always provide them along with our recommendations free with no obligation.  While explaining our landscape designs, plans & drawings to you at no charge, they are protected by copyright, & remain the ownership of the designer at TOL until project approval & completion.


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  • Our experience of serving hundreds of happy homeowners has taught us at TOUGH OAKS Landscaping in Barrie realistic cost guides that we are thrilled to share with you.  
  • Upon project completion, homeowners always agree that the investment that they have made in their home landscape by Tough Oaks Landscaping Barrie is money well spent.  
  • Homeowners put the initial landscaping sticker shock aside, once they see the results & the effort produced to complete the project.
  • Premium quality & skillful design of TOL compliment their home and bring out its curb appeal & features, increasing their home value, the sheer volume of earth, & stone, hours of intense skilled labour in every kind of weather, that go into moving tonnes of heavy material with state of the art equipment & manipulating it all in a precise method to deliver the work of art at the projects completion.
  • For the gold standard, quality of workmanship that you receive with your money, you will want to complete more projects with us at Tough Oaks, your referrals & reviews are our best rewards.
  • Integrity in set in our pricing, no surprises in cost, we stand by our quoted landscape price, & never surprise you with additional extra costs. 
  • With the design platform, we understand at times you may want to add additional features or square footage.  We are responsive to your needs, & will give you a new estimate to approve if those situations arise in the process.  

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What am I paying for? Landscaping Costs in Residential landscaping projects

  • For projected realistic residential landscaping costs in Barrie & Simcoe County & useful considerations to help you formulate your landscaping plan please see the homeowner LANDSCAPING COST GUIDE in Barrie & Simcoe County which we have created to help you. 
  • We describe the landscape costs that go into building your beautiful landscape projects, in the manner that will help them last for a lifetime.
  • Proper excavation & ground preparation are essential.

Choosing Tough Oaks Landscaping

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Breaking Ground with Tough Oaks Landscaping for your Landscaping Project in Barrie & Simcoe County

  • We will provide you with the contract, once accepted, you are on the way for 
  • your exciting ground breaking construction date to be set 
  • & closer to the enjoyment of your new landscape.
  • focused attention:  once we start your project we are 100% dedicated on completing it.

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The Tough Oaks Landscaping Commitment to you

  • 3 year warranty, surpasses the 1 year warranty set out by Landscape Ontario for the landscaping industry.  
  • We offer the most comprehensive warranty in the landscape industry for the Barrie - Simcoe County communities.  
  • We stand behind our 3 year warranty & stay in contact with you.
  • Working for your referrals & reviews, we are a customer satisfaction service industry.
  • A comprehensive full warranty description is written into every one of our contracts.


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30 yrs Experienced Creative Stone & Interlock Landscape Designer

Integrity and talent define Ralph J. Young as a top professional Barrie landscaper that has grown with 30 years experience in masonry style hardscape interlocking & stone landscaping.  With a college education, Ralph J. Young has proven himself to be a talented designer, & an exceptionally trustworthy landscape contractor, winning landscaping awards, volunteering in the Barrie community & glowing 5 star reviews  from our clients.   Ralph Young created Tough Oaks  Landscaping Company in Barrie ,  expanding his original business to Barrie from Kirkland Lake,  Northern Ontario, he was able to extend his landscaping season with his  Barrie landscaping Services. While landscaping Barrie & offering his stone work expertise developed through the harsh climatic conditions  of the North, he has developed the Tough Oaks Landscaping Company's proprietary ground preparation compaction sequence.  With this method in hardscape landscaping design & construction of your exterior home improvement projects, Tough Oaks Landscaping in Barrie, Ontario, confidently with integrity stands behind our unique 3 year warranty of follow up which surpasses all local landscaping trade industry standards. 

His love of nature began when he became intrigued with the resiliency of nature that he experienced as a young child tending to his Father's Garden.  He promotes low maintenance designs & values xeriscaping concepts intrigued by eco-friendly designs as described in Harrowsmith magazine.  Ralph whom is a devoted family man, is inspired by the strength of plants & stone & rock to withstand the elements & time.   Each project that the Tough Oaks Landscaping team completes is beautifully designed, & structurally sound to last the test of time,  worthy to be showcased in a magazine, increasing your homes value, curb appeal, & above all increasing your enjoyment of your daily life.  Some of our Tough Oaks Landscaping creations have been showcased in Home Magazine. 

Ralph's unique designs of functional art utilizing stone, rock, saws,  ground  soil  &  plants create your statement, and reflect your individual style.  Absorbing your input with observations, photos, measurements & notes, he draws out the character of the land & marries it to the individual style of the homeowner.  Taking it all into careful consideration, Ralph listens to his clients.  Each project is one of a kind, site specific architectural design with technically correct engineering of specially calculated site requirements of gradient, slopes, drainage, & compaction. 

As both the designer & contractor of this family owned & operated  Barrie landscape company , Ralph Young & the Tough Oaks Landscaping team provide Barrie landscaping services that deliver the complete package from design to installation with a friendly & professional hands on approach, at the highest level of premium quality craftsmanship.   THANKFUL everyday for the ability to continue to work in this creative, innovative, & ever expanding industry meeting kind & generous people, their friends, families & pets, building pockets of timeless beauty out of the entropy & chaos,  embracing nature in all our landscaping designs.

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7+ ways We Care About the Details

  • From artistic design to 
  • expert stone & interlock installation, your entire project is professionally completed with
  • impeccable attention to detail when you entrust Tough Oaks  Landscaping Company in Barrie.  We provide special attention to the details of every project,  whether we are  landscaping Barrie , Sping Water, Midhurst, Sugar Bush, Minesing, Thornton, Innisfil, Oro-Medonte or another surrounding area,  we feel accomplishment in the final product improving the world one brick at a time improving your home. 
  • We work to ensure the complete satisfaction and safety of each client, always maintaining a organized job site, 
  • using only application specific materials. 
  • The renovation itself  can  be an enjoyable & memorable experience for you & your family.  
  • Our goal is to enhance the exterior of your home,
  • raise your property value, & 
  • beautify your whole neighborhood.
  • Only the most exquisite specimens of plants, trees, & shrubs are hand picked &
  • installed according to the design with all the factors of their growth carefully accounted for.
  • We respect your opinion &  your time, & 
  • only the most appropriate stone options are pre-selected for you to choose from a plethora of overwhelming styles, colours, textures & qualities of stone.  
  • Each boulder is handpicked in the pit by the designer for the most intriguing markings, colours  & shapes as part of our  Barrie landscaping services
  • Your satisfaction is paramount & your input is always pleasantly sought out.  No stone is left unturned when it comes to your satisfaction.

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#1 Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • Your satisfaction is our priority & we strive to provide landscaping service that we are proud of. 
  • Landscaping Barrie ,  & as part of our Barrie Landscaping services, we start every project by providing you with a thorough consultation to understand your goals & the needs of the project. We do this to guarantee that the project is completed according to your preferences.

You have developed a style of life & require functionality in your living spaces, working inside your budget, Tough Oaks  Landscaping Company in Barrie can bring your outdoor living space to life. 

  • we listen to your preferences & goals in our consultation with you at the project site ,
  • we evaluate the current landscape to assess the physical challenges, taking measurements & photos
  • we consider & respect the budget , that you are comfortable with & have decided to work with, 
  • we can provide you with realistic, creative, & safe options.  Trust us to provide you with honest & accurate stonework landscaping quotes, based on our years of professional stone work landscaping construction experience, precise measurements,  careful calculations, product selection,  & physical feasibility of the landscape including your important features.
  • For a general estimation see our COST GUIDE  guide.


We can help you to realize the potential beauty of your property & make the renovation process an enjoyable experience.  We help clients increase the value & beauty of their homes by creating elegant outdoor living spaces with functionality.  We create beautiful yard designs by combining seasonal color perennials, & hardscape with low maintenance. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the end result of your project.   



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